Tour of Ōtaki Children’s Health Camp
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Tour of Ōtaki Children’s Health Camp

Visit New Zealand’s first Health Camp, providing children in need with sunshine, exercise, good food, and sea air. See how were they cared for, housed, taught, and fed.

From the 1930s, health camps and their fund-raising health stamps became part of every New Zealander’s awareness. What happened there? Did the selected child residents love or loathe their stay at camp? At New Zealand’s first permanent camp at Ōtaki Beach (1932–2018), you can explore the facilities and relive their experience.

In order to give everyone the best possible experience, we will split the tour into two groups as follows, with a maximum of 12 in each group:

  • 1:30-2:30: Group One for talk and tour
  • 2:30pm-3pm to tea/coffee for both groups
  • 3pm-4pm Group Two for talk and tour.

Please let us know which group you choose when you book.

Image: The interior of the Rotunda at Ōtaki Children’s Health Camp, a huge tent-like dormitory originally built at Rotorua in 1916 for an army hospital.

Disclaimer: this tour may discuss sensitive topics of historical state care, audience discretion is advised.

Booking is required. Email to book.

Location: Located at the end of Health Camp Road, Ōtaki Beach. Drive through memorial gates to the main building.

Duration: Two hours, including refreshments, talk and tour

Cost: $10 includes a year’s membership of Friends of Ōtaki Rotunda

Friends of Ōtaki Rotunda

This tour is organised by Friends of Ōtaki Rotunda, a voluntary Trust formed to support the restoration of the Rotunda and its reuse by the public.

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