Brewtown Upper Hutt Brewery Tour

Brewtown Upper Hutt Brewery Tour

Brewtown found its home in the old Dunlop’s Tyre centre in Upper Hutt. The buildings history dates back to 1949 and Brewtown has done an amazing job of preserving a lot of its history.

Join us on a tour of Brewtown and learn about its history and the breweries which have taken something old and making something new.

Along the way enjoy a delicious lunch and beers from two of Brewtown’s award winning breweries.

Booking is required

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Location: Brewtown Upper Hutt 23 Blenheim Street Upper Hutt.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Cost: $135 per person

Health and Safety: Heavy machinery on brewery floors so please wear closed shoes. Any food allergies must be brought to our attention.

Craft Beer Tours NZ & Brewtown Upper Hutt

Mike Henderson is the owner/operator of Craft Beer Tours NZ and is originally from Upper Hutt. Mike spent almost 20 years travelling and working as a tour guide around the world. In 2012 he came back home and has been working as a tour guide here ever since. Apart from travelling, he loves brewing beer and now showing off his hometown of Upper Hutt.

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