Golder Cottage Open Days

Golder Cottage Open Days

“A time capsule in our own backyard”.

Visit Upper Hutt’s multi-award winning Pioneer cottage Museum, showcasing how the first settlers lived from the 1860s and how the house developed to accommodate “citification” into the 1980s.

The well preserved Cottage and outbuildings contain many interesting artifacts, most of them Golder-family-owned, that are sure to evoke past memories for older visitors and have the youngsters marveling at how children lived 142 years ago-without even their own bed and with no electricity for digital devices!

There will be a special Suffrage 125 Exhibition featuring names of all the women of the Upper Hutt who voted in the first election, including Golder relative Mrs Elizabeth Martin (nee Brown) the first woman to record a vote in the Parliamentary Elections, “upper end of Hutt Valley”.

No booking is required.

Location: 707 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt

Cost: Adults $4; Children and Students $2; Under 5’s free

Golder Homestead Museum Society

The Golder Homestead Museum Society took over the management of the property in 1987. The Society undertook restoration work and now run the house and grounds as a museum.

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