Historic Hataitai Bowling Club Tour

Historic Hataitai Bowling Club Tour

Craig Harbour, one of the few remaining bowlers from the Former Hataitai Bowling Club will give guided tours around the building and grounds. He will share stories of the history of this place in Hataitai and its new journey as a community and city facility which was recently renamed The Hataitai Centre and Village Green.

The Hataitai Bowling Club was founded in 1910. The story goes that Herbert Huggins heard of a prospective house buyer who had decided against buying a house in Hataitai because there was no bowling green in the neighbourhood. So Huggins met with the Hataitai Land Co, and the company offered a site at a very low price and favourable financial terms.

Huggins and his friend James Kinniburgh called a meeting of prospective bowlers at Kilbirnie School in December 1909, at which it was decided to form a club. “It is proposed to make a green on a piece of land adjoining the Poneke Football Club’s gymnasium, within 100 yards of the first stopping place on the southern side of the Kilbirnie Tramway Tunnel.” A committee was formed and a meeting for prospective members was held on Jan 25, 1910 at the Poneke Gymnasium.

Tours are scheduled for 10:30am and 11:30am. Visitors can play bowls and explore the grounds throughout the day.

No booking is required

Location: 157 Hataitai Road, Hataitai

Cost: Koha appreciated

Contact: Nikki Smart, Hataitai Community House Coordinator, hchcoordinator@xtra.co.nz, 04 386 2821

Accessibility: There is no wheelchair access to the upper level of the building, with some steps down to the front door from the road. The lower level and green have disabled access via a side path from Hataitai Road through the lower gate. The building is yellow stickered, and an evacuation procedure will be displayed and communicated prior to each tour.

Hataitai Bowling Club

The historic Hataitai Bowling Club rooms and bowling green are owned by the Hataitai community and are available for all kinds of community events.

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