Historic LGBTI Rainbow Inner City Tours

Historic LGBTI Rainbow Inner City Tours

Join Walk Tours NZ on two historic walking tours that explore the formative years of the LGBTI Rainbow community in Wellington.

Resonance Route (Te Aro) - 1pm Saturday 30 Oct SOLD OUT

This tour gives you an opportunity to be transported back to earlier days to discover stories of rainbow courage and resilience while standing in the locations where it all happened.

We’ll visit the site of Carmen’s curio shop, stop by the infamous Club Exotic, talk about a poetic same-sex romance, visit the site of the discreet Dorian Society and more.

Location: Meet outside of Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba Street

Violet Route (Parliament) - 1pm Sunday 31 Oct

Learn about homosexual law reform, the beginnings of rainbow radio broadcasting, local LGBTI rainbow personalities, supportive (and not so supportive) churches, a WW1 same-sex love story and imprisonment on Matiu Somes Island.

Location: Meet at the flagpoles on the steps of Parliament

Booking is required for both tours. Click the button below to book. Spaces are limited.

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Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: Free

Health & Safety: We will generally be walking on flat public footpaths, crossing roads as a group on the pedestrian green light.

Walk Tours NZ

Walk Tours NZ is a volunteer group that offers free, accessible, inclusive and community-focused walking tours around Wellington highlighting the city’s rich LGBTI rainbow heritage. The free walk tours started during the 2017 Pride Festival and now operate on a regular basis.

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