Historic Petone Walking Tour
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Historic Petone Walking Tour

According to Susan Butterworth “Pito-one was a fine place for Maori to hunt or fish but exposed to southerly storms and inconvenient for habitation. Yet here was where the NZ Company chose to establish the first settlement.”

Come and experience some of the history of this special place with people who are passionate about it.

The walking tour visits sites of original churches, cinemas, schools and houses (some of which still exist today) and the street that was meant to be Petone’s main business street.

The tour is limited to 25 people.

Image: The Grand Theatre, opened around 1917 in Petone.

Booking is required. Email petonehistories@gmail.com to book.

Location: Start at 6 Britannia Street (Petone Community House)

Cost: Free

Duration: 2 hours

Contact: petonehistories@gmail.com

Accessibility: Wear suitable walking shoes.

Petone Historical Society

The Petone Historical Society was formed in 1982 at a time when it was felt that little existed in the way of recording the social history of the town. The core work of the Society is to record the many histories of the town and tell its stories.

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