Home of Compassion Open Day & Tours

Home of Compassion Open Day & Tours

Discover the historic Home of Compassion in the hills of Island Bay and hear inspiring stories of Suzanne Aubert and the Sisters of Compassion, and tour the chapel, the historic reservoir, and the resting place of Suzanne Aubert.

Established by Suzanne Aubert in 1907, the Home of Compassion cared for babies and children over many years, and is remembered for the outstanding nursing care that the hospital provided. Today the Home of Compassion is a place for spiritual refreshment and is also the location of the Suzanne Aubert Heritage Centre.

Suzanne Aubert devoted her life to helping others. Her work took her from France to Auckland then to Hawke’s Bay, to the Whanganui River and finally to Wellington where she established two hospitals. And along the way, she founded a new Catholic congregation, cared for children and the sick, by skillfully combining Māori medicine and Pākehā science, and wrote books in Māori, English and French adding significantly to a higher cultural understanding and literary heritage.

Tours of the chapel and Suzanne Aubert’s Resting Place are available on the hour. The chapel is renowned for its stained glass artwork.

A talk by the Sisters on the reservoir built by Suzanne Aubert and the people of Wellington to provide a water supply to the Home will be at 1pm, followed by a guided walk to the reservoir at 2pm.

Refreshments and hospitality are available in the Cloister Café.

Craft activities for children are provided.

Booking is required for the guided walk. Click here to book. (SOLD OUT)

No booking is required for attending the Open Day

Location: Our Lady’s Home of Compassion, 2 Rhine Street (off Murray Street), Island Bay

Cost: A koha to the work of the Sisters of Compassion is appreciated

Email Contact: heritagecentre@compassion.org.nz

Telephone Contact: (04) 282 1953

Our Lady’s Home of Compassion

The sisters are committed to delivering “compassionate care” throughout the community by providing meals, food, and basic needs to those who have very little, caring for the elderly, and providing individual and family support. We seek to bring dignity to the lives of the aged, the powerless and the poor.

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