Kapiti Coast Museum Tours

Kapiti Coast Museum Tours

Explore this grand old heritage listed building on Elizabeth Street, Waikanae which has stood for 110 years. During its life time, this building has seen countless people through its doors, and as you can imagine, there are more than a few stories it could tell.

Once home to the Waikanae Post Office from 1908 to 1981, the original Waikanae Museum was setup by a group of radio enthusiasts in 1984. The now named Kapiti Coast Museum has now extended its exhibitions and displays to embrace more of the local history and heritage of the region.

On the tour you will get to hear the stories of the Museum and view the current display of the now extinct Waikanae Hack Racing Club which existed from 1904 through to 1914 along with a display that commemorates the 125th Anniversary of the gaining of the vote for women in New Zealand in 1893.

No booking is required.

Location: 9 Elizabeth Street, Waikanae

Cost: Free - Donations are welcome.

Kapit Coast Museum

Housed in the old Waikanae Post Office is the Kapiti Coast Museum. Its nucleus began at the end of 1981 when a small group of radio enthusiasts decided it was tragic to see old radio sets being discarded and so they collected and stored pre-war (World War II) equipment in their garages. Along with radio and communications equipment, including a Ham Radio “Shack”, the museum is now home to extensive displays of everyday life from the pioneering era. The name changed to Kapiti Coast Museum Incorporated in April 1993 and the building, which opened as a post office in 1908, is now a Category 2 New Zealand Heritage Building.

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