Otaki Museum River Exhibition

Otaki Museum River Exhibition

Otaki Museum River Exhibition: ‘Ko Ōtaki te awa, ko Ōtaki te kāinga – Ōtaki is the river, Ōtaki is the home’

This exhibition tells stories of the history of the Ōtaki River – the relationship between the river and mana whenua, the early settlers, the current Ōtaki community.

It features the strong links with Ngā hapū ō Ōtaki, the role of DoC over the years, recreation, sawmilling, gardening, gravel extraction, and the Tararua Forest Park.

The contribution of the friends of the Ōtaki River is also displayed.

No booking is required.

Location: 49 Main St, Ōtaki

Cost: Free

Health & Safety: The museum building has been classified as ‘earthquake prone’ as it is slightly below the current building standard. However, the local District Council allows the trust to continue to operate with standard earthquake procedures in place. Visitors enter at their own risk.

Otaki Heritage Bank Preservation Trust

The Trust is the governance group for the Otaki Museum. All the work of preparing exhibitions, managing the collection, and providing answers to historical queries is done by trustees and volunteers.

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