Recreating Heritage in Augmented Reality

Recreating Heritage in Augmented Reality

Join Hiamo on a tour to explore the past and view some of Wellington’s remaining and long-gone heritage through augmented reality!

Using your smartphone’s camera and our application you will be able to view 3D recreations of objects, people, and stories that have been lost over time. Our technology lets you see the past in a new way, visualising what the area around you would have looked like long ago.

During this tour you will also be able to interact with the historic objects through your phone, letting you explore the areas heritage your own way.

Maximum of 20 people per tour.

Booking is required. Email to book.

Cost: $10 (to be paid in cash on the day)

Email Contact:

Telephone Contact: 027 8609129


Hiamo is a Wellington-based start-up using augmented reality technology to bring historic sites to life! Founded during Te Papa’s business accelerator programme, Mahuki, Hiamo aims to connect people with the past by bringing back long-gone objects, people, and more.

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