Visit the Résidence de France
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Visit the Résidence de France

This villa from the 19th century, purchased by the Republic of France in 1999, is the home of the French Ambassador while posted in New Zealand.

As a local historic building, with its distinctive leadlight windows, the Résidence de France is an integral part of Thorndon’s heritage.

Five free guided tours of the property will be held on Friday 29 October from 9:30am to 3pm.

Visitors will be welcomed at the gate, before a specialist of local history from the Thorndon Society takes them for a visit of the house.

Booking is required (maximum of 25 visitors per tour).

Book a tour

Location: 39 Hobson Street, Wellington

Duration: Each tour will take approximately 55 minutes

Cost: Free

Health & Safety: The French Residence isn’t a fully accessible venue – any questions please email

French Embassy in New Zealand

The French Embassy in New Zealand represents France in NZ, Samoa, and the Cook Islands.

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