2022 - Event Host Registration of Interest Form

Register your interest in being an Event Host for Wellington Heritage Week 2022, running 24 Oct - 6 Nov. Event Host Applications are required to be submitted separately.

We encourage event hosts to showcase a unique and interesting story, person, or place from the Wellington region. It is free to be an event host.

The form below is recommended if you are not yet ready to submit a full Event Application. Registering early allows us to help you in planning your event.

By registering early, we can advise you if your event is being planned for a busy day of the festival, has extra health & safety concerns, and more. Addressing these issues early increases your chances of being included in the festival, and is appreciated by our team too!

Event Application forms must be filled out separately and are due at 10pm, August 31st, 2022.

Once you are ready to submit your full Event Host Application, please head to this link:
Event Host Application Form (Online)

Event Host Application and Registration can be submitted by email if preferred. To do so, please follow the instructions in this PDF:
Event Host Information PDF

Wellington Heritage Week is volunteer-run and cannot guarantee funding to event hosts to support their events. Event hosts are solely responsible for the running and organising of their events.

We endeavour to include all suitable events within the capacity of the festival. The submission of an application to become an event host does not guarantee inclusion in Wellington Heritage Week.